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Milk tea is, quite simply, tea with milk added. This creates a smoother flavor and slightly sweetens the tea. It's a popular way to serve tea in many parts of the world and it is an easy way to dress up your average cup of tea.​

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A matter of relations

There is really no set guidelines or suggestions about how much milk you should add to any particular tea. It depends, more than anything, on your personal taste and the type of tea you brew. Most tea should not require a lot of milk.

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Both are made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant but undergo different processing methods

Green and black teas are rich in plant compounds called flavonoids. These compounds act as antioxidants to help fight underlying cell damage caused by reactive molecules known as free radicals.

Specifically, green teas are rich in flavonoids called catechins, while black teas have high amounts of theaflavins

Due to these compounds, drinking green and black tea has been associated with lower blood pressure, anticancer effects, and reduced cholesterol levels in both animal and human studies

On the other hand, milk is rich in nutrients, such as protein, calcium, and potassium, that are vital for optimal growth, body composition, and bone health

Teas, especially green and black varieties, contain antioxidant compounds that may boost heart health and exert anticancer effects. Meanwhile, milk is rich in beneficial nutrients that contribute to growth and bone health


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